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[[Made a new rp blog so yeah. Promotion!]]




I met this character on the island. I wore my crown (not very smart nowadays) and she obviously wanted it. She then “trapped” me on the island (started a tour, didn’t go on it) and demanded I give her my crown. She claimed she had 3 million bells in her abd but wouldn’t show me (of course). I politely said “bye bitch” and flicked the switch. 

If you meet this person on the island, block her and get out!! And if she-or anyone else- traps you, make sure to put your goodies in the basket and flick the wifi switch. You do not need to turn the power off! If you flick the switch you’ll end up back home on the dock, with your bugs, fish, flowers, etc. in the basket.

Be careful out there!!

are there seriously assholes like this in animal crossing, like dammit this is supposed to be a nice place and a happy game

[[ Something similar to this happened to me when I was playing AC:NL. I was playing happy with this person until I was ready to leave but she wouldn’t let me leave for some reason so faked her out and left. It was incredibly rude.]]

*pushes a box of chocolates in the shape of steaks*

[[Late answer]]

He rips it open and starts eating the chocolate.

Send me “WANTED: [Character Name]” and my character will react to seeing a wanted ad for that person.


Find out if they’ll stand by that person’s side, or turn them in. 

requested by anonymous as reverse to this meme.


[[Does anyone know these two  attacks Giratina use are?]]



[[I just found out that the top one is Willowisp and the bottom is Aura sphere…….First of all Giratina’s Aura sphere looks nothing like an aura sphere and secondly WilloWisp is a NON-damaging move. I just don’t get it….]]

[[Does anyone know these two  attacks Giratina use are?]]

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